Rongali Bihu Assamese

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Rongali Bihu Assamese

Rongali Bihu Assamese

দিচাং মুখৰ মিচিং গাঁওৰ মিঠা আপং পানী
বাটকুৰি বাই আহিছো মই ছোৱালী পাম বুলি
অ’ ককাই ডাঙৰ ভাই তোকে আচং চাই
মোকো আনি দিবি এটা তাপ্লা ডাঙাৰ চাই

Bohag Bihu is usually celebrated for seven days starting from Chatar Sankranti and continuing for six days of Bohag. Each day has a unique name. That is:

  • Garu Bihu: – On Chat Sankranti, the cows are bathed and tied with new paghas. In the evening, incense is offered.
  • Manu Bihu or Chenehi Bihu: Manu Bihu or Chenehi Bihu is celebrated on the day of Bohag. This is the Bihu when loved ones give Bihuan to their loved ones. They enjoy singing Bihu songs and Huchori songs.
  • Gosai Bihu:- Gosai Bihu is the third day of Rangali Bihu or Bohag Bihu. There is a public Namghar in the village on that day.
  • Weaving Bihu: Weaving The ‘weaving’ is a cherished asset of Assamese folk life. Therefore, the fourth day of Bihu is ‘Tatar Bihu’
  • Nangal Bihu:- On the fifth day, the main tool of agriculture is ‘Nangal Bihu’
  • Daughter or Chenehi Bihu :- On the sixth day of Rangali Bihu, the married daughter comes to her father’s house; Hence, that day is ‘Jiyari or Chenehi Bihu’.
  • Chera Bihu or Era Bihu:- The young men and women get tired of dancing during Bahag Bihu and end the very popular Bihu on the seventh day. On that day, the Bihuans are washed again and bid farewell to Bihu.


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