IIBF Online Free Mock Test

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IIBF Online Free Mock Test

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IIBF Online Free Mock Test

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Working capital credit facilities are intended to made the borrower's ____ credit requirements.

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Which of the following is India's first credit information company?

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Demand deposit can be withdrawn on ____

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What is the minimum deposit required to open a BSBD account?

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A micro Enterprise in manufacturing sector is one where the investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs.____

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Smart cards use PINs rather than passwords. What does PIN stand for?

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Principle functions of banks are:

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Which of the following is the tagline of Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) ?

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What is the maximum period for which crop loans are given?

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What name has been given to the business correspondent agent who facilitate bank and banking related services, especially in unbanked areas of the country?

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For which of the functions of the bank are KYC norms applicable?

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An indemnity contract is

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What document is obtained from a customer who has lost a demand draft purchased by him, before issuing a duplicate?

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In recurring deposits,

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NPAs are critical for the health of a bank. What does NPA stand for?

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Banks and other financial institutions in India are required to maintain a certain amount of liquid assets like cash, pre- cious metals and other short term securities as a reserve all the time. In Banking World this is known as–

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KYC is ......................

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The process of money laundering is perpetrated by placement and layering.

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The responsibility of a bank to pay back the money of the customer is specifically stated in the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.

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As per section 131-A of the Negotiable Instruments Act, the protection granted to a bank while paying cheque has been made applicable to drafts also.

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