Holi In Assamese Language 2023

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Holi In Assamese Language 2023
Holi In Assamese Language 2023

Holi In Assamese Language 2023

Daul festival is a festival celebrated on the full moon of the month of Fagun by seating Lord Krishna on a dola or seat and singing devotional songs. Daul Yatra is a journey to the shrine or temple of Krishna for the purpose of seeing Krishna. Daul means the shrine of Lord Krishna.

The Daul festival is one of the festivals associated with Fakuwa in Assam. The festival is called Deul in the local language of Barpeta. The Daulotsav was introduced by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva in Bardowa but was first introduced in Barpeta Dham in 1518 by Mathura Das Budha Ata of Barpeta Satra.

Holi is a seasonal festival of color and joy. This Daul festival is celebrated by Hindus of different castes and communities in India under different names. This festival is celebrated in different states under the names of Holi, Fakuwa, Phalgu Utsav, Basant Utsav, Madanotsav, Holika Dahan and Deul Utsav. Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, etc. also celebrate the festival under various names. The Ladaul festival was celebrated on the Shukla Purnima of the month of Fagun.

The Daul festival is celebrated by devotees with their own characteristics of worship, cheerfulness, restraint and spiritual attitude. It is a very ancient and religious festival. The Daul is celebrated for five days in the month of Fagun. It is called ‘Deka Daul’ and the Daul celebrated in the month of Chat is called ‘Budha Daul’ The Daul festival is celebrated for three days in the month of Chat.

During the Daul period, most of the activities of the satra are carried out in the house of Jagmohan. Then, as per the custom, the Gosai was taken from Jagmohan’s house to the Daul. Four mature bamboo poles are erected around the monastery of the daul. It is covered with moonlight. The last day of the Deul is called ‘Sueri’ On the last day, people play Faku. The sky is colored with the colors of the lights all around. Everyone is intoxicated with the joy of playing Faku.


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