DHS Staff Nurse Mock Test

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DHS Staff Nurse Mock Test

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 There are deer and peacocks in a zoo. By counting heads they are 80. The number of their legs is 200. How many peacocks are there?

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 Upnishads are books on :

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The author of Business @ Speed of Thought is ?

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The eighth-century tripartite power struggle was among which of the following?

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When Rahul was born, his father was 32 years older than his brother and his mother was 25 years older than his sister. If Rahul’s brother is 6 years older than him and his mother is 3 years younger than his father, how old was Rahul’s sister when he was born?

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The central Scientific Instruments Organisation is situated at

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The Central Scientific Instruments Organisation is situated at ?

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 In how many ways can the letters of the word 'LEADER' be arranged?

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A shepherd had 17 sheep. All but nine died. How many was he left with?

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I have a few sweets to be distributed. If I keep 2,3 or 4 in pack, Iam left with one sweet. If I keep 5 in a pack, Iam left with none. What is the minimum number of sweets I have to pack and distribute?

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A man wears socks of two colours ? black and brown. He has altogether 20 black socks and 20 brown socks in a drawer. Supposing he has to take out the socks in the dark, how many must he take out to be sure that he has a matching pair?

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A group of 1200 persons consisting of captains and soldiers is travelling in a train. For every 15 soldiers there is one captain. The number of captains in the group is ?

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 A bus starts from city X. The number of women in the bus is half of the number of men. In city Y, 10 men leave the bus and five women enter. Now number of men and women is equal. In the beginning, how many passengers entered the bus?

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Which king started the organization of Kumbh fair at Allahabad?

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In which year, Goa was formally assimilated in the territories of India by 12th Amendment Act, which made Goa, Daman & Diu a Union Territory?

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The 52nd amendment to the constitution of India is most closely related to __:

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Which of the following is the largest Archipelago in the world?

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In how many different ways can the letters of the word 'LEADING' be arranged in such a way that the vowels always come together?

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The 30 members of a club decided to play a badminton singles tournament. Every time a member loses a game he is out of the tournament. There are no ties. What is the minimum number of matches that must be played to determine the winner?

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 A monkey climbs 30 feet at the beginning of each hour and rests for a while when he slips back 20 feet before he again starts climbing in the beginning of the next hour. If he begins his ascent at 8.00 a.m., at what will he first touch a flag at 120 feet from the ground?

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