Assam Tea Plantation 2023

Assam Tea Plantation 2023:- Hello friends, welcome to our new article. Assam Tea Plantation 2023 is our topic today. Assam is world famous for its quality of tea and tea cultivation. Tea cultivation in Assam Assam is famous all over the world for its natural beauty.

Assam Tea Plantation 2023
Assam Tea Plantation 2022

Assam Tea Plantation 2023

There are more than 800 large tea plantations (Assam Tea Plantations) and more than 100,000 small tea plantations in Assam. Assam is the largest exporter of tea in India and produces about 50% of the total tea in India alone.

Assam alone is the only state in India that produces more than half of the tea production in India. The estimated average annual production of tea in Assam is about 630-700 million kg. Tea is grown on about 230,000 hectares of land in Assam. It is an industry in Assam. Hundreds of workers work here to earn a living and contribute to the economy of the country.

Tea production in Assam for the full year 2019 was 716.49 million kg, which is 51.54% of the total production of 1,390.08 million kg in India. In 1823, Robert Bruce discovered the tea tree growing wild in the southern Brahmaputra Valley.

Assam tea has international reputation and has an important share in the world tea market. The total area under tea cultivation in Assam is more than half of the total area under tea in the country. The tea industry in Assam is about 172 years old. The tea industry in Assam is the single largest industry in the state and plays an influential role in the economy of the state.

The districts of Assam are Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sibsagar, Jorhat, Golaghat, Nagaon and Sonitpur where most of the tea plantations are found. The demand for organic tea leaves is increasing day by day in the global market. Organic tea leaves are in high demand in the United States, Japan and Europe. This change in the global market has started due to increased awareness about the harms of tea produced with chemical fertilizers in developed countries.

The history of the tea industry in Assam can be traced back to 1823 when Robert Bruce, an officer of the British Empire, discovered tea trees growing wild in the southern Brahmaputra Valley. The first Indian tea was shipped from Assam to the United Kingdom for public sale. The discovery ends China’s position as the pre-eminent supplier of global beverages.


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