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Assam History Online Mock Test

Assam History Online MCQ

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The absurd drama of Assamese literature, “Aahar” was written by -

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Harivara Vipra was the court poet of which of the following Kamata King?

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The first “Ankia Nat” written by Srimanta Sankardev is -

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Who among the following authored the book “Prahlad Charita”?

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How many ‘Ghosa’ are there in the “Naam Ghosa”?

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Which among the following book is considered to be the first translation from Sanskrit into a modern regional Indo-Aryan language by Madhav Kandali?

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Who among the following is known as the father of Assamese Prose?

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“Kaal Sandhya”, a Hindi Crime Drama film and is the only directed film on the Hindi language by which of the following Assamese personality?

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The Ahoms are the descendants of the ethnic __ people.

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“Bah Gossain Puja” (Bamboo God) is the most important festival of __ .

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Kherai Puja is performed by -

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“Bushu” is an important festival celebrated by __.

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Jalia Kaibarta (Keot) originally belong to __ .

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Chamangkan festival is celebrated by -

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Who among the following has written the “Usha-Parinaya”?

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Who among the following Assamese person directed the film Devdas (1937)?

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'Barechahariya Bhaona’ festival is celebrated in every 5-6 years in which of the following location of Assam?

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Yugadrashta is an award-winning Assamese language short film is based on the life of which of the following personality?

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“Ekhud Kokaideu” is an another name of which of the following Assamese novelist?

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Which of the following ethnic community of Assam celebrate the Hauno-Puja?

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