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Aamar Axom – আমাৰ অসম

Aamar Axom আমাৰ অসম:- The main objective of Aamar axom is that it will be our best effort to make all types of government schemes, jobs and all kinds of news to the people of Assam easily and at the forefront.
This website will help most of the people who want to be aware with all types of information of Assam, as well as with information on all types of jobs, If anyone is preparing for any private or government job exam, then the material published on the Aamar axom website will also help a lot.

Aamar axom will always provide you with information as mentioned above at the right time. Now it is time internet, social media we always try to inform you every information easy language. I hope you will let us know if we see any discrepancies or mistakes in the information provided by us.

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F.A.Q. For Aamar Axom

What is Aamar Axom ?

Aamar Axom is a website where you can find various Government Schemes as well as various government and private jobs related news.

– What is the main purpose of Aamar Axom?

Aamar Axom is an attempt to provide you with timely and accurate news about government schemes as well as government and non-government government.

– What is the biggest weakness of Aamar Axom?

The biggest weakness of Aamar Axom is that it tries hard to provide the information it provides completely quickly.